New opportunities in Dole

The smell of summer apples and the blooming of dahlias remind us that it is time for a new act in life and new things that are needed for everyday life and for celebrations

And what is the primary need at the end of summer?

Of course, prepare for school!

Bags, clothes, shoes, stationery, and toys are available in our shopping center’s stores and also in the newly opened PEPCO store.

VCA Polyclinic Dole is also expanding the range of services in the new season.

We invite you to look at the store's special offers, which may change and be supplemented!


Offer valid till 31.08.2023

KOLONNA DAY SPA Hair and face professional cosmetic products with discount* -15%, upon presentation of your valid student ID.

*Discount applies to full price item only

PEPCO - Everything for school at low prices!


Offer valid till 3.09.2023

MULTILUKSS - Up to -50% discount on products for the body care ritual

SUPER SELECTION – Discount up to -80% on goods for school


Offer valid till 16.09.2023

COVERME - For purchases over EUR 20, receive a gift - PopSocket PopSocket

DANIELE DONATI – Discount of -30% on all school backpacks

JAHONTS - Up to -50% discount on jewelry

MĒNESS APTIEKA - Every Thursday and Friday a -30% discount on cosmetics

MNOGOKNIG – A discount of -30% on all products of the "Школярик" brand. A discount of -40% on all products of the "Gamma" brand

ODA OPTIKA - A discount of -50% on all lenses and frames for schoolchildren and children

OPTIMUS MĒBELES - Super prices for desks and office chairs. For example, desk Smart (165728) EUR 30, office chair Nora (130577) EUR 36

POSTCARD GIFT for purchases over EUR 10:

for the gift box - a ribbon, for magazines - a magazine, for balloons - weight

SHANTEKLER - Discount for children's hats -20%,

Women's bags and backpacks discount -15%

SIDONAS Discount of -10% on all products,

Discount up to -30% for a selection of products

SVITANAK – Discount of -20% on all goods for children

VERITA – Discount of -25% on all blouses


Offer valid from 28.08. till 10.09.2023

MARIJA - For purchases over EUR 5, the daily offer dessert only EUR 0.80

Opening Hours

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P-Sv 09-21
Second floor

Mon-Sat 10-21, Sun 10-20

Third floor
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Mon-Thu 9-22, Fri 9-23, Sat 10-23, Sun 10-22

Mēness Aptieka

Mon-Thu 8-21, Fri-Sun 9-21

Olympic Casino



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VCA poliklīnika

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